Lesson 5
How We Operate

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In this class, we go over a few logistical pieces of how our church operates.

My Path

First off, I’d like to talk about ‘My Path’. If you don’t know it, you’re in Step 2 of our 3 step track to help people along in going from a church ‘attender’ to a plugged-in, core part of our church family.

So just to go over it, this is the journey we’re hoping to get as many people to complete as possible. Here’s the 3 steps:

Step 1. Come to Church

Church attendance is a vital part of the Christian faith. And it’s the first step on your path in discovering the purpose and the destiny God has for YOU and for US as a family.

Step 2. Become a member

This is the part you’re on. Church membership is our covenant to each other, where we turn from being fellow pew sitters, into covenant family, colaboring together to accomplish God’s call on our lives.

Step 3. Volunteer

We believe that God wants to work in you and through you. We want all of our church members to become a part of the volunteer family. We’ll talk more about this in the final lesson.

So 3 simple steps. It’s what we want for you, and it’s what we want for the people sitting next to you in church. So once you’re a member, this is great thing to encourage others in.

  • Step 1: Come to Church
  • Step 2: Become a Member
  • Step 3: Get Involved

Connect Groups

We also wanted to let you know about our connect groups. Connect is our small group ministry here at the church. Maybe you’re interested in attending a group. Or MAYBE you’re interesting in helping lead a connect group. Whatever the case, Connect groups are an incredible way to get to know more of your church family and for us to encourage each-other along the way.

How We Communicate


Well first off, our website, Believerscenter.com - You probably know about that since you’re probably on it at this very moment! But we work hard to keep all the information on it current, and so you can always come back to believerscenter.com to see what we’re up to, to give, to volunteer, to sign up, and to get in touch.

The App

We also have a Believers Center app. It’s available on Apple’s iOS, and android. Just like the website, it’s a place for you to get information on what’s going on, you can give, you can volunteer, you can sign up, and you can get in touch.

Video Announcements

Next is video announcements - where we play a quick video during our weekend service to let you know what’s coming up. We don’t have them every week, but when there’s important things coming up, we’ll utilize video announcements to keep you in the loop.

Email and Text Messaging

We will also do occasional email updates or text message updates, but we don’t want to abuse this privilege, so these messages are usually few and far-between.

Social Media

Lastly, is our social media. You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook and you can stay in the loop that way.

We’re always ironing out and massaging things to try to make everything work as smoothly as possible. Thanks for staying plugged in. Thanks for believing with us that God is up to amazing things. Thanks for partnering with us. The future is bright and I’m so glad that we’re living life together.

See you in the final lesson, lesson 6.