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We lead but we're just a small percentage of the people who make ministry possible.

Executive Pastoral Team

The Executive Team sets the vision and direction of the church and is in submission to the leadership board.

“You've been a lot of things, but you've never been unloved.”
- Marshall and Cindi

Marshall and Cindi Townsley

Founding Pastors
Marshall and Cindi Townsley are the foundering Pastors of Believers Center of Albuquerque. Since founding the church in 1980, Marshall and Cindi have emphasized the grace of God and encouraged believers to rest in God’s unchanging character.

“You've been a lot of things, but you've never been unloved.”
- Marshall

Marshall Townsley

Lead & Founding Pastor
Marshall Townsley is founder and Lead Pastor of Believers Center of Albuquerque. Since founding the church in 1980, Marshall has emphasized the grace of God and encouraged believers to rest in God’s unchanging character. He leads believers to live from the “finished” place that only grace provides.

“Prayer brings heaven’s help into earth’s pain.”
- Cindi

Cindi Townsley

Associate Pastor
Cindi helped found the Believers Center of Albuquerque in 1980 and has been the associate pastor ever since. Cindi has faithfully served the church and ministered the Gospel for over 40 years. Additionally, Pastor Cindi hosts one of the premier women’s conferences in the State of New Mexico.

“If God's Kingdom was truly the most important thing to me, how might I act in this situation?”
- Eiff

David Eiffert

Executive Pastor
David obtained his degree in biblical studies from Charis Bible College. David began his vocational ministry as the churches youth pastor, until accepting his current position as Executive Pastor where he leads the church staff and shares the preaching responsibilities with Pastor Marshall.

“The secret to success lies in the oganization of the non-obvious.”
- Jordan

Jordan Eiffert

Service & Special Event Coordinator
Jordan graduated from the University of New Mexico before beginning her role as service and special events coordinator. Jordan has a strong gifting to keep everything on-track and running smoothly. She assists in nearly every area of the church, and helps in so many ways.

Church Staff

We have the best staff in the world. They work incredibly hard and lead teams of volunteers to do the work of the ministry.

“If I have to parallel park, don’t invite me.”
- Carlynn

Carlynn Alarid

Production Lead
Carlynn has the best fashion sense of anyone on staff. She also happens to be gifted in photography, videography, and production. In her free time she watches funny videos on TikTok and sleeps in.

Javi Bates

Youth Pastor
Javi was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is a man with many gifts and talents varying from worship to teaching. He has a great love for James Bond and Cracker Barrel.

- Javi

“I'll add it to the task list...”
- Dahv

David Cuellar

Worship Pastor
David (Dahv) is not as sweet as he looks! He is married to Dayna and is the father of Miles, Kady, and Ella. In his free time, he plays guitar, wishes he could play cello, plays with his kids, and soaks in the hot tub.

“Some is better than none.”
- Goldman

David Goldman

Creative Director
David wants to squeeze every adventure out of life. He’s married to Jessica and father to Beckham. In his free time he likes to take photos, mountain bike and hang with the fam.

Jay Goldstein

Facilities Manager
Jay fixes everything! He's married to Liberty and is the father of Abigayle, Jesse and Toviah. In his free time Jay coaches tennis and naps.

“Will redbull be supplied to help with energy???”
- Jay

“Love like God,
Live like God.”
- Miss Shirley

Shirley Howard

Children's Pastor
Shirley was with her husband Larry for 46 years. She is the mother of Joeseph and Larisha, and grandma to Ryleigh and Tad. In her free time she enjoys reading, walking, and of course, the grandkids!

“Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine.”
- Gail

Gail Overton

Gail is the mother of Eugene, Angela and Joshua, and is grandma to Brandon and Malia. In her free time she loves reading, a good movie and spending time with her family.

Deidre Sena

Nursery Director
Diedre can make any child stop crying in 12 seconds guaranteed. She is the mother of Monique. In her free time, she works in the yard and watches movies with Monique.

“You got this!”
- Deidre

“You’re not too old and it’s not too late.”
- Lauren

Lauren Stewart

Children's Assistant
Lauren was born and raised in Albuquerque and might be the coolest person you’ll ever meet. She has dad jokes ready for any situation. Chances are she would rather be hanging out with your kids than you. In her free time she likes to watch Disney movies and eat ice cream.

“I Can Do Hard Things.....with Chocolate”
- Hannah

Hannah Wyatt

Pastor's Assistant
Hannah is the proud mother of Delaney and Jensen. At work, she plans events, coordinates calendars, and takes care of business!

“The enemy likes to hide wolves in sheep's clothing. But that's ok– God hides lions inside of lambs.”
- Sherie

Sherie Zion

Front Desk / Admin
Sherie is passionate about working for God's Kingdom! She is married to Roger and is the mother of Nesah. She spends her free time with her family and her friends.